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Never Ending Education - Martijn Aslander

Martijn Aslander Een boek dat u bij ons kunt lezen en downloaden

DATUM: november 2018
ISBN: 9789492902078
TAAL: Nederlands
SCHRIJVER: Martijn Aslander


IN A PERMANENT STATE OF BETA Sharing thoughts with each other and being open to research and development is important, of course! We love dialogues and sharing different point of views. They broaden the mind, open up options and are often the beginning of fruitful solutions. And hey, we're Dutch! We know how to sit on a table and listen for hours to each other's vision without taking one decision because we all deserve to share our opinions. Our Dutch 'poldermodel' is world famous - the Dutch know how to talk. Maybe therefore we also know it is not always the best solution to do so. Sometimes you just have to start and try! Start experimenting and dare to fail. Jumping into the unknown to discover all there is to find are new answers to new situations. This era is completely different from what we witnessed just a decade ago. The world is changing, and we all have global chances to jump on board in the most important field of our society: Education. So, why do we dump this field full of bureaucratic protocols instead of solution thinking? We already know that tests, money-driven tasks and timeframes for development of personalities is foolishness. Rather strange that we repeat this over and over again.

...venuti all'area online di Neverending Education ... Koi Forum voor de beginnende en gevorderde koi hobbyist ... ... .Qui puoi avere accesso alle attività in modalità elearning affiancate ai nostri interventi in aula.Se non hai credenziali di accesso o vuoi avere maggiori informazioni sulle nostre iniziative formative online, scrivi a: [email protected] Never Ending Education. the permanent beta principle. Close Primary Menu. APPETIZER 'NEVER ENDING EDUCATION' Venerable Metta's dedication to making higher education accessible to all those who seek it is best explained by her life philosophy: "There is no ending to learning, but only a beginning of the quest for knowledge. Religious Education in Brazil: A Tale of a Ne ... Never Ending Education - the permanent beta principle. ... . Religious Education in Brazil: A Tale of a Never-Ending Past — Juliano Zaiden Benvindo & Fábio ...